A winning partnership to develop a SIL2 IHM

CENTRALP leader in embedded electronic system in collaboration with CLEARSY, specialist in security system, launch a SIL2 IHM responding, among other, to ETCS baseline 3 requirements (SIL2 – functional safety certification – level2 represent an important step in securing systems).

Thanks to the success of the K-Vision DMI on the railway market, CENTRALP is expanding this range to bring new solution to any users asking for safe HMIs.

This DMI called K-Vision SIL2, will handle the display and the management of user controls in SIL2. It will be developed as a generic product that can be integrated into the whole e-Vision range. The integrator will be able to add its unsafe application to the platform by using the security features of the K-Vision environment to obtain a SIL2 system.
In addition to this platform for ERTMS use of K-Vision products, CENTRALP will offer a fully developed HMI application according to ETCS ERA 3.4.0 with all the security widgets asked by the ERA.

ETCS (European Train Control System) is an important component of the European rail traffic management system : ERTMS. Among other things, the ETCS continuously calculates for each train a maximum safety speed and implements the embedded systems that will take control in case of failure.

In this collaboration CENTRALP was in charge of the design and manufacture of the hardware and the low software layers while the company CLEARSY brought its experience to the realization of the security software as well as the development of the application. The architecture of the system is shared by both companies.

In addition to this security evolution of the range, CENTRALP and CLEARSY will propose, to increase the availability of the system, a solution based on two 8-inch screens sharing the standard ETCS image. In case of a failure of one of the screens, the other will be able to reconfigure itself to support the entire display, with a very small degradation of functionality, so that the train can remain in operational service.