Committed to excellence

QUALITY Commitment

CENTRALP is one of the MOST CERTIFIED structures in France.
CENTRALP is committed to respecting the strictest quality standards
for all its business units in order to guarantee CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
This guarantee is strengthened by a certified ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT and an ECO-DESIGN approach.

LOCAL Commitment

CENTRALP has been present in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region since 1971, with strong roots in the region both in terms of economic, industrial and social commitment. CENTRALP also has a clear commitment to 100% French design and production.

PARTNERS Commitment

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the teams behind the partnerships and collaborations that we have put in place for many years.

Aerospace Cluster Auvergne Rhône-Alpes brings together aerospace companies, research laboratories, training centers and industry players around a common goal, to make Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne recognized for its capacity to develop innovative technological solutions for the aerospace sector.

EDEN (European Defense Economic Network) is the first French SME Defence, Safety and Security cluster, founded in 2008 in Rhône-Alpes.

Representing the European rail manufacturing industry, this association brings together more than 80 companies working in such sectors as design, manufacture, maintenance and all related equipment …. UNIFE also brings together 15 European railway associations. The organization’s members represent over 86% of the rail market in Europe and 46% of world production of railway equipment and services.

Museum of History and center for the promotion of relations between Lyon and China, the New Franco-Chinese Institute joins the long relationship history between Lyon and China. Created on an initiative of Lyon metropolis, the city of Lyon, the Chamber of Commerce of Lyon and the Aderly as a platform for exchange between Lyon and China, the association New French-Chinese Institute develops bridges between the economic, academic, cultural and associative worlds.

With over 200 members, CARA, European Cluster for Mobility Solutions, mobilises the entire sector and its full range of skills to support developments in urban mobility and in transport systems for passengers and freight and create vehicles of the future.

UIMM, The Factory of the Future, alongside other partners, is a proximity and trustworthy network serving the transformation of industrial companies.  UIMM builds the social framework, facilitates the recruitment and training of talent for the jobs needed by the industry and supports the realisation of our members’ projects.

CLIENT Commitment

We develop and manufacture high value solutions that help us to improve client loyalty.