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Railway Technology

Data collection – TCMS – ETCS - CBTC

Since 2000,
we have created and maintained
railway solutions...

For more than 20 years we have been meeting the requirements of the railway sector by providing high-performance, technical and reliable solutions.

... that build the future of embedded electronics

Our process includes a long-term vision and our services have a compatibility strategy in place to ensure that today’s CENTRALP solutions meet your future needs.

Embedded electronics for railways

We perform state-of-the-art railway projects for hostile environments. We are committed to the sustainability of our products, performance, control of maintainability, robustness, support, security, standards, respect for architecture systems and other technical constraints…
Our embedded developments cover large fields of application: Visualization, control, safety (No SIL to SIL2), information management, data transmission, application software…

K-Vision DMI

K-vision - Console DMI pour le ferroviaire

K-Access Badge reader

Ferroviaire : lecteur de badge

CPU Boards

Carte CPU pour le ferroviaire

Power supply


Some of our railway projects worldwide

45000 DMIs around the world and many other solutions

Quality means safety

We are involved in validation and certification of our processes.
We validate a stable level of performance and a constant quality of services and products throughout the life of projects.

K-Vision ERTMS/ETCS/CBTC - console ferroviaire

They trust us

Work together to build the future railway electronic systems

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