Design, Manufacture and Services for Medical electronic solutions

CENTRALP can deliver electronic boards and modules if you manage the final assembly or final products depending on your industrial organization.



CENTRALP can help the healthcare company that specialises in medical imaging with high value products.

  • Echography.
  • Ultrasound scanner.
  • Urology.
  • Cancer localization.


Within diagnosis technology, CENTRALP offers a data collection solution.
We can also develop products based on a specific focus.

  • DNA analysis.
  • DNA detection systems.
  • PCR analysis.


We adapt to the particular procedures of the medical sector to provide tailor-made solutions and long-term support.

  • Ultra sound systems
  • Laser systems
  • Laser eye surgery


Our experience in monitoring goes beyond the health field and allows us to offer certified products in short time.

  • Heart monitoring.
  • PC for navigation systems.
  • Medical robot controller PC.


Our specific medical developments set multiple constraints and medical standards.

We set IEC 60601 & 62304 standards.

They trust us

Work together to build the future medical electronic systems

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